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1. Do I need any sewing experience to attend?

No, complete beginners are welcome at all classes.

2. Will all the equipment be provided?

Yes, we provide everything you need to get started on a project including fabric, sewing machines, needles, thread and lots of beautiful sequins, button, beads and ribbons  to embelish your work. We even supply chocolate biscuits!

3. How old do children have to be to start classes?

Due to the fine motor skills needed for sewing children need to be at least 8yrs before starting classes. It is of course possible to get children started younger than this but the amount of help and supervision they generally need means it is a one to one actitivy.

4. Can I pay for each class when I come along?

Children can try their first class for free to see if they enjoy it. After that classes are charged in half term blocks. Adults can come to a taster class and then decide it they would like to commit to a block of 6 classes.